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June 2, 2015 - Albion Selected to Represent Utah in United States of Trade Report

CLEARFIELD, UTAH (June 2, 2015): Albion Laboratories, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of chelated minerals for nutritional applications, was selected as the sole company from Utah in the “United States of Trade: 50 Stories in 50 States that Show the Impact of Trade Across the Nation.” This report is a joint project of the Office of U.S. Trade Representative (part of the Executive Office of the President) and the Department of Commerce. It details the success of small businesses in the United States with access to global markets.

The “United States of Trade” report includes success stories from businesses in all 50 states that are using exports to expand their businesses and support well-paying American jobs. As only one company was chosen for this collection from each of the 50 states, Albion Laboratories was honored to represent Utah. 

Albion was also honored that during his recent visit to our home state of Utah, President Barack Obama met with Dr. DeWayne Ashmead, President of Albion, during his first-time visit to Utah since his election as Commander-in-Chief.

“Exports have always played a critical role in Albion’s economic growth,” said Dr. Ashmead. “The report demonstrates the positive impact of exports on business success, American communities and the economic security of our families.”

Albion exports to nearly 100 countries and employs approximately 150 people. The firm has enjoyed strong growth, in large part because of its increased exports, which have allowed the hiring of new employees.

Established in 1956, Albion Laboratories, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of chelated minerals for human and plant nutritional applications based in Clearfield, Utah. Today, Albion exports to nearly 100 countries and employs approximately 150 people. The firm has enjoyed strong growth, in large part due to its increased exports, which has also facilitated the continued growth of its workforce.

The case studies included in the “United States of Trade” report illustrate how access to global markets can benefit small businesses across the United States. For each state, the report breaks down the value of goods exported, jobs supported, number of companies that sell their goods overseas and the percentage of those that are smaller businesses. Currently, approximately 300,000 small- and medium- sized businesses across country support millions of American jobs through direct exports and participation in supply chains. In 2014, over $2.3 trillion in goods and services were exported from the US, and an estimated 11.7 million US jobs were supported by goods and service exports.

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