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July 1, 2015 - Albion Laboratories Highlighted in Trade Speech from Orrin Hatch

CLEARFIELD, UTAH (July 1, 2015): Albion Laboratories, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of chelated minerals for nutritional applications, is pleased to announce that in a speech on the Senate floor on June 23, Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) highlighted Albion when he addressed the importance of international trade to the state of Utah and the benefits of the passage of Trade Promotion Authority.

Albion was recently showcased as the top company to represent Utah in the “United States of Trade: 50 Stories in 50 States that Show the Impact of Trade Across the Nation.”  The report is a joint project of the Office of U.S. Trade Representative (part of the Executive Office of the President) and the Department of Commerce.

Senator Hatch selected Albion Laboratories from over 3,400 Utah-based exporters as an exemplary company demonstrating the potential benefits of the passage of Trade Promotion Authority. Hatch discussed Albion’s chelated minerals for human and plant nutritional applications, its innovations and patents, and its strong growth, due in part to expanded exports. Albion employs approximately 150 people and exports to nearly 100 countries.

A transcript of Senator Hatch’s speech is available at the link below:, or full video of the interview is available here:

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