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March 10, 2016 - Albion is Awarded First Place by Best Ingredients Supplier

CLEARFIELD, UTAH – March 10, 2016 – Albion® Human Nutrition, premier manufacturer of patented organic mineral amino acid chelates, was awarded first place by Best Ingredients Supplier magazine in Brazil for the distribution of mineral amino acid chelate.  Represented by Kilyos in Brazil, Albion is the leader in innovation in human mineral nutrition. "The BIS award represents the affection and recognition of partners with whom we have worked for over 20 years,” said Dr. José Name, Director of Kilyos Minerals & Nutrition. “We thank all our partners, customers and friends, knowing that we can always deliver the best product and the best services and thus improve people's lives every day.”

With corporate offices located in Clearfield, Utah, Albion has an affiliated distribution network that reaches into nearly 100 countries. Throughout the world, they are known for our clinically researched organic mineral compounds that nourish and enhance human health.

In their ordinary form, minerals are inorganic elements and difficult for the body to absorb. Albion does the body’s work in advance by producing natural organic chelates that can easily be absorbed through the intestinal wall. Many leading companies around the world incorporate Albion’s amino acid chelates in their own product brands.

Albion is the only company in the world which proves chelation its minerals through the method patented TRAACS® (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System). TRAACS® products are created through Albion’s unique scientific process that turns elemental mineral forms into  organic chelates that are safe, stable, easily absorbed and well tolerated. TRAACS® minerals have become the industry standard for high-quality chelated mineral products.

Balchem logo. About Albion®
Albion Minerals is Balchem’s premium line of specialty minerals. Highly effective nutritional mineral forms that can be easily absorbed by the human body, these organic molecules are known as mineral amino acid chelates; they are used in nutritional supplements and food fortification to provide complete organic mineral nutrition, giving consumers the greatest chance to absorb minerals for their best biological advantage.